Dharma Center in Floresville

December 26, 2009

As you can see….we like to take things easy and have a little fun at YTDR Floresville. This is a picture of our Lama ‘hanging around’ and visiting with one of our dear friends.  (yes, he is really that big…our lama is normal size!)

Our sweet Lama Tulku Karma Rinpoche was just in Floresville a couple of weeks ago, and he surprized us with a request. He wanted to Bless and Empower Diane and I to open a Meditation/Dharma Center here in our little hometown of Floresville, Texas. What could we say?

We will start meeting every Thursday Night at 1006 C Street in Historic Downtown. It is called the Tiger’s Den and used as a teen hangout on the weekends. We’ve asked the fella if we can uses it on Thursdays…he said yes. It is actually a very beautiful building inside.

So, we will start giving Buddhist Teachings and doing Meditation sessions there on Thursdays at 7pm, starting the first thursday in 2010.

Please join us. It should be very exciting starting a Buddhist Fellowship in Floresville! And even non-buddhists can attend…if you just want something different to do.

Come visit us!

Thursday Nights 

Starting Jan. 7th 2010


 1006 C Street in Historic Downtown Floresville

Jon Clark





HMP is a Buddhist Mission.

Networking with other Buddhist groups in the San Antonio Area, we go out into the streets as Homeless Outreach Workers. We do meditation and counseling with the Homeless.

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