What is Thursday Night ‘Tibetan Buddhism & Meditation’ Group Like?

February 16, 2010

Hi YTDR Friends,

Q: What is Thursday Night Tibetan Meditation Group like?

A: Well, here are some common things that we have been doing in our Spiritual Pracitices. But it is very informal and accepting. We are all living, learning, and growing together on this Path.

(1.) Prayerbook

We had a Tibetan Monk in San Antonio Read from YTDR Prayerbook and
we videoed it. So now we open the Sangha by playing the video and following along in the book.
Soon, we will know the prayers by heart, and not need the video. It would be better if it was our Perfect Teacher himself saying the prayers, but we just didn’t get it done while Lama Tulku was here in Texas. But Lama Passang is a very good man, and Rinpoche would like him very much. Very kind, and humble person.



(2.) Samatha Meditation

One of the most basic forms of meditation is conscious breathing, which is based on the Buddhist practice of Samatha meditation. This method is meant to calm both the mind and body and to bring the mind into a state of perfect and gentle concentration. Conscious breathing focuses mainly on the breathing by following the breath in and out of the body. By fully concentrating on the breathing then there is no room for obstructive thoughts and in this way a more relaxed and joyful state is brought into being. It’s important with this method to not force the breathing or try to tightly control it, but instead to gently note the sensation of the in and out flow of breath.

Read more at Suite101: Meditation for Beginners: An introduction to Samatha, Vipassana and Tonglen techniques

(3.) Walking Meditation

With walking meditation the person walks slowly and purposeful while synchronizing their breathing with the slow walking motion. The purpose of walking and all movement meditation is to develop a greater awareness through the unity of breathing (mind) and movement (body). Read more at Suite101: Meditation for Beginners: An introduction to Samatha, Vipassana and Tonglen techniques


(4) Chenrezig Meditation

This seems complicated when you first begin, but its just a form of Tonglen. You can make it simple. Just visualize yourself sitting up in space and the earth is a blue marble floating in front of you…then Chenrezig imanates out of your body as Pure Energy. He is huge, and you are sitting in the Lotus position inside of him. He has a Chakra of energy in his head and you have one in your heart. Pull the energy down from his Chakra, down through your head in to your heart chakra, then send out that energy, loving-kindness, compassion, healing, blessing, health, and goodness out to that floating world. (or you can visiualize yourself beside a loved one’s hospital bed or with a rebelious teenager or any one whom needs your energy.) Also, at some point, start praying the Mala Beads and praying ‘OM MANI PADME HUM’ at least one time around. (108 times.) This Meditation doesn’t require an Empowerment, so feel free to ‘make it your own.’


(5.) Closing & Long Life Prayers for Lama Tulku Tsori Rinpoche



(Also see http://www.thetibetconnection.org/ & http://www.hmpstreetdharma.org/)

Our beloved Teacher, Lama Tulku Tsori Rinpoche is safely back in India now. He sends his love and support to you all.

If you are interested in Tibetan Buddhism, I hope you will be able to visit our Meditation Center on Thursday Nights at 7pm. We are meeting in our home at 2120 Tenth Street Floresville, Texas.

Please contact us for more info.
Diane or Kiley


2 Responses to “What is Thursday Night ‘Tibetan Buddhism & Meditation’ Group Like?”

  1. Sorry I missed tonight! Dwaine’s meeting was canceled, but not till after he had arrived. Austin seems to be doing better.

  2. kiley said

    No problem. It worked out fine, I ran to san antonio and did something with the Haven for Hope Detox Center.

    see ya next week, or in HEB!


    k & D

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