Hi guys,
Right now, YTDR is ‘not’ working in Floresville.
It is too small, too Christian or  too indifferent. I would like to slowly start combining the efforts of HMP Street Dharma…. with …..YTDR San Antonio, Texas…instead of trying to do everything separately and having two Sanghas, different websites, and two different mind-sets. (I have to get with Vinay to workout the details.)
We are busy preparing a Chapel at HAVEN FOR HOPE, to do YTDR Homeless Meditation Dharma Center.  We are located in a facility where there is a potential for fifty or sixty homeless people and staff to attend the Sangha every night…as well as fellow practitioners from other traditions and no traditions. 
 There has been talk about mixing HMP with YTDR and about the bookstore and that kind of jazz…please believe me, I am ever mindful of Rinpoche, what he would have me do, and how my actions reflect on the organization as a whole. I am doing my best, and learning from mistakes as we go.
So, moving YTDR to San Antonio will open up a wider range of opportunities for us and Rinpoche. We will have a deeper impact and be better able to stay connected with his friends in that community that have known him as well as introduce him to new friends.
Also, Rev. Danny Fisher has referred me to the International Order of Buddhist Ministers to be reviewed for Ordination. If they choose to ordain me, it doesn’t mean that i am affiliated with them, only that I can carry a card around in my pocket to show these local cops and authorities that I am like a certified Chaplain. which makes me seem more ‘legitimate’ ….other than the ‘nutcase’ doing meditation under Commerce Bridge! So, I don’t really care. If it happens, it happens…if not…no big deal.
I understand that I’ve been ‘out of the loop’ and missed the conference call last Sunday…but things are moving ahead here. Lisa said that Michel is helping all the sanghas get on the same page, that’s great. I also need to tightening up….so, Michel please share with me any materials, schedules, practices that we can use for YTDR San Antonio.
To make a short email even longer, please pray with me in these matters,
I love all of you dearly, and look forward to meeting ya’ll face to face someday,
peace is possible,
Below is part of an email that I sent out last week.
I want to make you aware of something incredible that is happening in San Antonio with regards to the Homeless.
The new, $100 million dollar facility, called ‘Haven For Hope’, has just opened to care for the needs San Antonioans.
Put simply…It very well might be…the future of how America wants to meet the needs of it’s poorest of the poor.
Representatives from all over the United States and many different countries have already come to San Antonio to see this unique Experiment with Truth.
So now, HMP Street Dharma is reaching out to the local Buddhist groups, Teachers, temples, meditation groups, members, ex-members, Sanghas, Practitioners & REBELS…….. from all Lineages and all walks of life. Asking you, very plainly: “get on the Raft and start paddling. I need help extending the hand of Buddhism to this community.”
“Help me bring Meditation Instruction and Dharma Talks to these folks, or just come down and ‘be’ with us. ”
We are in negotiations to have access to the Courtyard, Chapels, and on some special occasions, use of the huge Classrooms and Dinning Hall.
Call me or email me.
We are also asking the ‘Buddhist Leaders’ and ‘Practitioners-at-Large’, to keep an eye on this growing trend in Homelessness Outreach and Cultural Movement…..and let’s participate. 
please pass this email on…Who knows, who has been waiting for it?  The LIFE YOU WILL CHANGE, WILL BE YOUR OWN.
kiley jon clark
YTDR San Antonio, Texas


 “I pray for the Infinite, Universal Strength/Energy of my Lama Tulku Tsori Rinpoche…that he manifests the opposite of the terror in Tibet. We hold thee in our collective web…and endlessly surround you with prayer.” http://ytdr.org/home/index.php?option=com_easygallery&act=photos&cid=90&Itemid=102
Haven for Hope of San Antonio
Buddha under the Bridge